I help LDS yo-yo dieters stop dieting, take care of their body God's way, and even learn to love the space they take up in the world. 

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Stop the madness!

  • Are you haunted every day with negative thoughts about your body?
  • Have you tried to make positive changes in the past?
  • Do you struggle to make and keep commitments to your self? 
  • Do you feel like you are always on the wagon or off the wagon?
  • Are you always looking for the next thing to fix your body?

God did not put us on earth to be at war with our bodies.

How many diets have you tried in your lifetime?

What if you tried God's way instead?

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Word of Wisdom Training! 

Where I teach you the basics of living according to God's law of health. In this training I teach you the 3 basic guidelines to follow when you want to follow the "do" parts of the Word of Wisdom. 

What if there was nothing wrong with your body afterall?

Wisdom with Trish Podcast

Leave the worlds diet culture behind and turn to God to find out how we should treat, feed, and feel about our bodies!  Trish is a LDS faith based health-life coach.

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Breathe: The Membership

I designed the exact coaching program I needed (and could not find) when I wanted to take care of my body God's way!  Are you ready to do things differently? 

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Weekly Meal Plans 

Family favorite meals sent to your inbox every week! We send out 3 dinners, 2 bonus recipes, and a convenient shopping list every Friday! (Or Free in Breathe)

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Breathe: The Membership

The all-in-one place with the tools to love yourself, follow God's wisdom, and take care of your body.

Eating God's Way

The nutrition world is noisy, but God has been very clear about what we should eat. As a member of Breathe, weekly meal plans and shopping lists are available for you! We make eating plant-based doable and easy! 

Body Love

Our body is a gift. Are you tired of hating the space you take up in the world? I will teach you the tools you need to take care of and love the amazing gift God has given you. 

One-on-One Coaching

As a member, you will receive 20 minutes of one-on-one coaching from Trish. You will also have the opportunity to watch other women in the community be coached. 

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Planning your day in advance with my Commitment Planner makes  taking care of your body doable!  

Download my Commitment Planner that I use with my clients now for FREE!  

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You don't have a body problem. You have a thought problem. 

Don't believe me? Let's chat. 

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Let's Stop the Madness!

Hi, I'm Trish! I spent 30 years of my life dieting, until finally I told God I was done!  Since then God has shown me a path of health and given me the tools to love the space I take up in the world. Now I am on a journey to help other women find health and love their bodies.  

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What bonuses are offered in Breathe? 

Being Coached by Trish is the most valuable part of your membership!  Trish over delivers and offers so much more! Trish knows the value of having a coach who supports you and helps you on your health journey. Trish gives you all the tools you need and when its time she makes it easy to leave when you find you are ready to fly solo on your health journey, no contract.  

30 Days to Plant Based Eating without Dieting

This 30 day video course is perfect for you whether you're new to plant based eating or have been for years. I teach you how to be plant-focused and stop the diet mindset. 

Self-Care Course

In this course I teach you the tools I teach my one on one clients. This will completely change the way you think about yourself and your body.

Body Love Breakthrough

Do you think about your body a thousand times a day and how you should be fixing it?  This course will help you stop that!  We can never physically fix a problem that actually exists in our mind.

Breathe: The Membership


$1200 value!

  • Opportunity for 20 minute coach calls ($399 value)

  • Library of dozens of coach calls
  • Self Care Course ($199 value)
  • 30 Days to Plant Based Eating ($137 value)
  • Body Love Breakthrough Course ($137)
  • Weekly meal plans and shopping lists ($29 value)
  • Access to a Private Facebook Community
  • Easy to use app to make learning on the go easy
  • No contract, stay for as long as it is helpful, cancel anytime.

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Membership means unlimited access

As a Breathe member you can have one coach call on Trish's schedule at a time.

You will have access to a library of coach calls where you can watch other women be coached by Trish.

Weekly Meal Plans and Shopping lists to make plant based eating easy.

Private Facebook Group for support from other Breathe Members.

Access to all of Trish's courses.

Everything available on an easy to go app.