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How would your life be different?

Jul 20, 2021

If the world had never told you...

Your body is fat.
Your body is wrong.
You should lose weight.
You should be prettier.
You can’t trust your body.
You should wear more flattering clothes.
You only have value when you are small.
You have no will power that’s why you are the size you are.
You would be happy if you lost weight.
Happiness is only available to people in smaller bodies.


It’s something I think about often, "Who would we be if diet culture did not exist?"

How much has your life been robbed because of those messages?

Do you know what I have learned? Diet Culture only exists when we grant it permission. When we believe its lies.

It’s kind of like the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz. He is behind the curtain trying to create reality for people. Then when the curtain is pulled back and everyone sees the reality the truth is revealed.

When you pull back the curtain of Diet Culture it’s just a 71 billion dollar industry that only continues to make money if you feel bad about who you are. You will also see a long line of mother’s who have believed the messages and passed it on to their daughters. Friends diet culture only has power when we choose to believe it.

It’s taken me 45 years to see it and realize I’ve been fooled.

Now I help women begin to see diet culture and change their lives to no longer grant it permission to dictate who they are.

That is the work we do in Breathe!  As your coach I help you not just see it and process the damage it’s created in your life but I give you the tools to make peace with your body while you take amazing care of it! Everything in your life can change without losing one pound!


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