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Wear the Damn Swimsuit

Jun 02, 2021
Give yourself permission to wear the damn swim suit! 🩱
Believe me when I say this.
Women live outside of themselves.  Let me explain.
As women we make choices based on what others will think.  We are always outside of ourselves looking around at what others think who are looking in on us.  We believe that if we just act, serve, look, love, dress perfectly others will accept us and approve.  It's really our sneaky way we try to control the universe by trying to control what people think.  I'm going to blow your mind when I say this.  IT DOES NOT WORK!  No matter how hard we try, we cannot control what other people think!  So let's stop trying!  
The people’s opinions you are so concerned about are actually just concerned about their own body and what everyone else is thinking about it.
Society is never going to give you permission.
What event or experience did you miss out on because you felt you needed to hide because what you thought others would think about your body? 
So stop waiting.
Stop waiting to live your life thinking you need your body to look different.
The only permission you need is your own.
I share more about this in Episode 63 Dressing YOuy, check it out!

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