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Why don't we believe God about what we should eat?

May 14, 2021
Have you spent years of your life chasing diets?
Are you always asking others (friends, family, lady at the gym, doctors...) what diet they were doing? Then hoping if you try it that will be the thing that will finally fix your body?
Do you pray to God and ask Him that whatever diet you are doing will finally shrink your body for good?
God knew in our day the nutrition world would be noisy, he has given us clear direction about how we should feed our bodies.
Now there is even 100 years of research that actually proves he is right.  It's nice when science agrees with God's words but not necessary for us to have faith in them.
There is not a lot of money to be made in selling fruits, veggies, grains, beans, nuts, and seeds. So it’s hard for us to hear the message. God knew it would be that way and gave us a health code.
Wholesome foods is what our bodies need.
There are 3 parts to his health code, let me break it down for you!
1. Eat Wholesome Herbs (anything with a root)
2. Eat Meat Sparingly (think how often you use a spare key or a spare tire)
Eat pleases him if we don't eat meat at all D&C 89: 13,15
Grains should be the staff of life. (The foundation of our plate)
Placing faith in his health code is a game changer.  Making the way you eat and care for yourself part of your testimony completely changes the way you think about be the care taker of your body.
The creator of our bodies is the expert, we just need to believe him.

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