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Why I do what I do

Mar 26, 2021
I think of the girl often in this photo.
This photo was taken in 2010 right before I started my 500 calorie diet.
I look at her with so much compassion today.
She thought her problem was her weight.
She thought her body was her biggest trial in life.
She wanted to lose weight and take care of herself and stop suffering and she had no idea how to do that, so she turned to disordered eating.
She is the reason I do a weekly podcast.
She is the reason I offer coaching.
She is the reason I post here every day.
I do all those things for her and also because I know there are other women out there just like her. They just want the suffering to stop. They want to take care of themselves but don’t know how to do it without dieting and self hate.
They want to love the space they take up in the world but they don’t think that is possible.
They think if they change their body everything in their life will get better.
I became the coach I needed but didn’t exist when I wanted to stop dieting and love the space I take up in the world.
Now I am on a mission to help every women who relates to my story.
Today I take better care of myself than I ever have. No dieting, I eat healthy foods in abundance, I move my body, and most of all I use the tools I teach to manage my mind.
This is what I teach the women in my 6 week group coaching program! The tools that God put in my path have given me refuge from diet culture and I will teach them to you.
Will you lose weight? Probably.
But most of all you will have the skills you need to make self care and self love a life time habit.
The most beautiful part that will happen for you when you invest in yourself? Your life will totally change without losing one pound.

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