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Private coaching is the most empowering service I offer.

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You're not going to believe this.

Your body has never been wrong

  • Are you haunted every day with negative thoughts about your body?
  • Have you tried to make positive changes in the past?
  • Do you struggle to make and keep commitments to your self? 
  • Do you feel like you are always on the wagon or off the wagon?
  • Are you always looking for the next thing to fix your body?

Maybe it's time to surrender...

Life changed for me when I started to do things differently

I learned the problem I was fighting was never my weight, but was always my mind

One-on-One Coaching

Let me hold your hand and show you how you can change your life.

Build a foundation of self love

I teach you the tools to look beyond your imperfections and love you for who you really are.   

Implement sustainable habits

All or nothing diet mentality has never served you. It is time to learn how to create realistic sustainable habits. 

Overcome your self 

If you have been a lifetime dieter, you need a guide (coach) to pull you out of the trenches of diet culture and teach you how to love the space you take up in the world.  

Stop the diet mentality, for good 

Most likely, you have spent a lifetime not trusting your body and being at war with yourself, but your body is never wrong. 

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“Before being coached by Trish I was a mess.  Today I have mental clarity and peace I didn’t know was possible. My favorite part of her program is that it’s not a program. It’s not pills, it’s not starving yourself, it’s empowering you, getting rid of all the thoughts that are not serving you and recognizing the beautiful body Heavenly Father has blessed you with."


One-on-One Coaching Client

As your coach, I help you uncover how diet culture has hijacked your life

One-on-One Coaching


Coaching changed my life, it will change yours too.

  • 6 weekly sessions
  • 1 hour weekly one-on-one coaching call over Zoom

  • Flexible date/time 

  • Access to me via Marco Polo between sessions

  • Weekly assignments and worksheets
  • Stop the body hate
  • Discover a level of health you've never enjoyed before
  • I help you rediscover you!
Are you ready to go ALL-IN on yourself? 

“Trish was AMAZING!  I have always been exceptionally critical of myself- with all kinds of negative thoughts (especially about my body ). I thought that if I could just work harder or diet more that I'd be happy with who I am.  I've always assumed that my thoughts were factual, never even questioning my thought process, but Trish has helped me to see that our thoughts quite often are not actual truth.  I still have a LOT to learn, but in only three sessions I already see a difference in how I think about those negative thoughts that pop into my head.  When those thoughts show up, I can challenge them now, and accept them as a part of me if they're correct, or change them if they're not.  She has taught me the self-care/love triangle, and it has turned my life upside down.  That was a game changer!  Thank you for your insight, it has helped me so much!”


One-on-One Coaching Client

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