Hello, I'm Tricia Braunersrither. 

I'm Trish! I have 6 kids, 2 amazing son-in-laws and 2 beautiful grandbabies! I've been married for 27 years, and a stay at home mom for 26 years. 

But that was not my full time job. Shrinking my body was definitely my fulltime job. It was always on my mind. I became a professional yo-yo dieter.  

Finding Healing

One day I decided I was done, and I turned to God.

I asked him, "How do I care for myself and not diet?"

He slowly showed me the tools I needed to stop my diet mindset. He showed me what true health looks like and pointed me to his health code, The Word of Wisdom. 

Today I help other women like me. I teach the tools that have changed my life. Today I have health and peace, and actually love the space I take up in the world. 

If your full time job has been to shrink your body, I think you will find refuge here. 

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